August 16, 2011


Welcome everyone!! The new school year is upon us and Monday is sure to bring lots of tears and lots of joy for all ages. As volunteers we can not wait to jump in and get things rolling......a few things to look forward to:

Tuesday, August 16th, Fritz and Friends - We welcome all the new parents to First Baptist and PAL's will be on hand to say hello!!

Thursday, August 18th, Meet the Teacher - Stop in say hello, volunteer to help those teachers!!!

Monday, August 22nd, First Day of School - We know its hard but they are in good hands!!

Tuesday, September 6th, First General Meeting of PAL's - Kids are welcome, we will have an activity to keep little hands busy while we discuss the new year, meet the new executive board and discuss the upcoming BOOK FAIR!! Be at the Sycamore House at 12:00 sharp!!

Book Fair is scheduled for October 3-7, 2011 and we need lots of help!!

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!!!

July 19, 2011


The 2011-2012 School year is just around the corner....
lets make it a year to remember!!

February 22, 2011


Our Live Auction will include some of the most exciting items yet!!!!

Class projects are always a hit!!! This year we are excited to include a Hot Air Balloon Ride, Texas Shootout, A weeks stay in a condo near Tyler and of course the ever popular All Night Jammin Party!!

January 27, 2011

Thank You!

I would like to thank all of you that have been working so hard on the Texas Celebration. We have tons of great stuff for the silent auction, class projects that are amazing, games that you won't believe and an awesome country store this year. Check out the sponsor page to see some of the wonderful individuals and businesses that will be a part of our 2011 Celebration. I am very excited about so many things this year. Keep selling those tickets....there is still time to win those Wal-Mart gift cards!!!

January 10, 2011

December General meeting Minutes

PALs General meeting Minutes: December 13, 2010

I.Tthere were 9 members present.

II. Beth Deans reviewed the November minutes. Victoria Schmidt moved to accept them, Leslie Lampe seconded the motion. A vote was taken and the motion passed.

III. Treasurer's report. The Financial Statement was submitted. Beth Deans moved to accept the statement, Victoria Schmidt seconded the motion. A vote was taken and the motion passed.

IV. Staff Appreciation: Kristen Crady would like to plan to do a coffee bar in January. Mitzi Brockman did lasagna and salad recently.

V. Fine Arts Week: The theme is "The Elements of Art"

VI. Texas Celebration
          A. The tickets are ready
          B. KTEX will be recognized on all printed material, However, the tickets were ordered before they became a sponsor, and they will not apprear on the tickets. They will give Texas Celebration 60 radio spots: 30 on KTEX and 30 on KWHI. They also gave a free live spot.
          C. We sold about 3,000 tickets last year. Our maximum number of tickets that we can sell is 4,000.
          D. Silent Auction: Everything is going well.
          E. Booths: Evageline Brock is helping with booths.
          F. T-shirts: Mrs Musser brought 2 designes to consider. Leslie Lampe will contact the printer with the 2 designs and see how much they will cost.

VII. Other Business
         A. Buses for San Antonio: Debbie Patranella has made bus arrangements in the past, Nicole Morrison shoudl give Debbie the information on who to call ans what is needed. Nancy may need to remind Debbie about this.

VIII. School Report:
           January 4, 2011: back to school after Christmas holidays.
           The school is close to opening a new 2 year old class. Students must be 2 by September 1. We need just a few more students to have the class.

IX. The next meeting will be January 10, 2011. The next executive meeting is January 7 at 11 am.